Dystopium Interoperable Metaverse

Dystopium Metaverse

Dystopium will be an interoperable Metaverse where you can interact, play and build using your favorite NFTs. We have our own vision of what a Metaverse can be and we want to translate it into this ambitious project that we have been working on for a long time.

We are developing a browser-based videogame that combines 3D with Pixel-art in a technique called HD-2D; an art style which mixes 2D sprites with HD polygonal graphics, achieving a unique immersion with dystopian scenarios that will fill a whole new universe with high-tech, street-art and a lot of cyberpunk.

Initially it will be a place to socialize, explore and interact using our NFTs as characters, but we will expand and develop more advanced features such as character progression and customization, land management and building, Play-to-Earn mechanics, mini-games and of course lots of fun.

Dystopium will have these main features:

  • Use your favorite NFTs as playable characters and customize it.

  • Socialize, explore, play, craft, trade, fight and train your Dystolab Pets.

  • Own land, build, advertise and be part of the growing $CREDS based economy.

  • DystoPunks and LEG1ON NFTs are a fundamental part of the lore, therefore they will have early access and more in-game perks.

Dystopium Demo estimated launch date: Q4 2023.

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