Dekadente Genesis Collections

The genesis collections, experimental projects made at the beginning of 2021 just to learn, have fun, and see what happens. All of these are the prequels and antecedents of DystoPunks projects and those that practically allowed all its early development.

Dekaverse collections utility:

The entire Dekaverse have been endowed with utility over time and each of them received a free claimed DystoPunks, DystoPunks VX and a $CREDS airdrop on their respective releases. These collections were created directly in the OpenSea Storefront, therefore we plan to develop our own smart contracts and migrate through burning systems with huge incentives such as exclusive Dystopium characters and lands for DystoPunks V1 and 3D and exclusive Dystolab Pets and VX Pets for CryptoCheems and CyberCrocz.

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