Signal Merch IRL Research

Signal is a merchandise, sportswear and research brand that has always existed within the DystoPunks universe and has been present in all of our NFT Collections.

Signal Merch

We want to cross the digital barriers and reach the physical world through our own merchandise brand, at the same time we give $CREDS another utility and contribute to feeding the ecosystem.

Signal Merch will manufacture and distribute in real life merchandise and accessories that can be purchased exclusively with $CREDS, these items can be very familiar to what we currently find in our collections or they can be completely new.

  • Apparel, footwear and equipment.

  • Accessories, stickers, pins, patches and dope stuff.

  • Skateboard decks and sportswear.

Signal Research

Signal Research will be dedicated to developing new ideas and bringing awesome in real life stuff, starting with high-quality 3D printing of DystoPunks VX Avatars and Dystolab VX Assets and some cyberpunk-themed tech gadgets that can be purchased exclusively with $CREDS.

Signal estimated launch date: Q4 2023.

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