DystoPunks Main Collection

The main DystoPunks collection of 2077 ERC-721 standard NFTs, launched in March 2021 from 0.02 ETH in a bounding-curve minting system. The collection was completely sold out in less than 30 minutes and the secondary market total sales volume has surpassed an impressive 6200 ETH, reaching a floor price of 10 ETH and topping out at a 150 ETH sale for a single NFT. DystoPunks has stood out for its high quality pixel-art and its amazing community of thousands of members. You can buy a DystoPunk at OpenSea storefront.

The collection features a mix between handmade and randomly generated cyberpunk-themed profile pictures with a lot of rarities and attributes, some are animated and extremely rare.

DystoPunks main collection has a wide variety of utility:

  • Optimized digital collectible profile picture (PFP) that can be stored to your ENS (Ethereum Name Service) to represent your Web3 identity and use it across services.

  • They are the only DystoPunks to yield $CREDS daily. Each DystoPunk passively generate 7 $CREDS every day for the next 7 years.

  • Each DystoPunk can claim their DystoPunk VX 1:1 voxel avatar through a free mint on our website with no time limit. Click here to check if it is available or claimed.

  • Each DystoPunk has their own full body animated in-game avatar, NFT-linked and fully integrated characters into the Worldwide Webb and the upcoming Dystopium Metaverse.

  • Upcoming LEG1ON free claim, Dystopium Metaverse lands, future airdrops, integrations and more utility will be revealed over time.

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