ENCODE Graphics x DystoPunks

LEG1ON is a high-quality cyberpunk-themed collection of 7777 ERC-721 standard NFTs. Collectible avatars with unique comic-style artworks that give you access to ENCODE Graphics network and DystoPunks ecosystem. Characters designed for an immersive dystopian storytelling with high-tech and robots. LEG1ON holders will have full access to both communities, exclusive airdrops, Web3/Metaverse experiences and more.

Both communities were born hand in hand and have a very similar concepts and developers who want to create new things with a lot of passion, perfectly allowing the execution of this project that will take our partnership to the next level.

LEG1ON will have these utility:

  • DystoPunks and ENCODE Key holders will be able to mint LEG1ON avatars for free.

  • A new WIZ Comics series will be released to merge both universes.

  • Each LEG1ON will have their own full body animated in-game avatar, NFT-linked and fully integrated characters into the Worldwide Webb and the upcoming Dystopium Metaverse.

  • Website, application and gallery where you can see all the art of LEG1ON.

  • A lot of high-quality art and storytelling will be created to enrich the lore and expand the collection, some of these pieces will be future airdrops for holders.

  • Plans to develop an NFT-game based on collectible cards and $CREDS upgrades.

  • More information and landing page will be available very soon.

Shout-out to PR1MAL CYPHER, founder and main artist of ENCODE Graphics and LEG1ON.

LEG1ON estimated launch date: Q2 2023.

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