Dystolab Crates

Dystolab Crates Collections

The Voxel Assets collection of 7777 ERC-1155 standard NFTs with 127 unique VX elements, DystoPunks were able to mint Loot Boxes burning 300 $CREDS. You can burn Dystolab Crates on our website to get Dystolab VX random loot through Chainlink or buy the ones you want at OpenSea storefront. Crates minted out at the Dystolab VX launch but they can still be bought unopened on the secondary market.

This collection features a lot of handmade cyberpunk-themed assets, gear and companions such as wearables, weapons, bikes, cars, decks, jetpacks, pets, mounts, even a spaceship. Some are extremely rare.

Dystolab Crates collection utility:

  • VX Assets are Sandbox-ready, animated and fully functional, made to improve and upgrade your character and/or land experience within the Metaverse. They will be fully integrated in the near future.

  • CrateDex: Gotta collect 'em all! An index where you can see which assets you have and which you are missing and thus collect them all. New functions to see duplicates, categories, profile badges, unlockables and collector's prizes coming soon.

  • Each VX Asset can be used to redeem 3D and voxel files for use in various Web3 applications.

  • VX Assets will be able to be used to customize DystoPunks VX in-game and in a new viewer-app that we are developing. VX Assets will be compatible with any other Sandbox-ready VX Avatars.

  • Future airdrops, integrations and more utility will be revealed over time.

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