DystoPunks VX

DystoPunks VX Avatars Collection

The Voxel Avatars collection of 10077 ERC-721 standard NFTs, launched in March 2022 from 0.07 ETH with the aim of taking a big leap into the Metaverse and expand the community. With more than 2300 Free Claims for DystoPunks, DystoPunks VX has a total of 7777 NFTs for public mint, of which approximately 1500 remain to be minted. DystoPunks VX has stood out for its high quality voxel-art. You can mint a fresh new random DystoPunk VX in our Website or buy the one you want at OpenSea storefront.

This collection features an unique, randomly generated and Sandbox-ready cyberpunk-themed voxel characters with a lot of new rarities and attributes, some are extremely rare.

DystoPunks VX collection utility:

  • DystoPunks VX are Sandbox-ready voxel avatars with more than 170 animations each and NFT-linked in-game characters to represent your Metaverse identity. They will be fully integrated in Q2 2023.

  • Each DystoPunk VX can be used to redeem 3D and voxel files for use in various Web3 applications.

  • DystoPunks VX will be able to customized in-game with Dystolab Crates VX Assets and in a new viewer-app that we are developing.

  • Upcoming LEG1ON allow-list, future airdrops, integrations and more utility will be revealed over time.

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